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The Player Experiences 
for snare drum and fixed media


Percussionists need music for snare drum that is exciting to play.

Pieces that are exciting to hear.

Works that gratify artistically.

This consortium makes it happen.

The Player Experiences will be 12 pieces for snare and fixed media. 


While all the pieces will be concert-worthy music, the difficulty level will range from student to master.


The original inspiration for the work came while watching a percussion jury with a student playing a snare etude. The piece did a fine job of testing the student's rudiments but musically it was so meaningless. There was a flam. But why? How tight or wide should the flam be? Forte-piano crescendo compared to what?

Join the consortium before OCTOBER 15, 2023 and help create...

1. ...pieces that the audience can enjoy without having a score.

2. ...pieces that are fun to play on an almost gaming level.

3. ...pieces that require artistic interpretation from the performer.

Performance materials will be completed by JANUARY 31, 2024.


For $200 Consortium members will receive:

1. Names listed in the score.

2. Score and fixed media (PDFs and WAV files).

3. The right to give their students the performance materials AT NO CHARGE, in perpetuity.

Contact me for more info.

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