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September performance in Philadelphia

July 4, 2022

Babbling Tower-to-Tower, my work for toy piano that makes use of cellphone latency, will be performed by Ju-Ping Song as part of NakedEye Inc.'s concert there Sept 6, 2022. For an article about the rise of toy piano in concert music, read Song's article for NewMusicBox

New Recording by NakedEye Ensemble

Jun 30, 2022

The amazing NakedEye Ensemble is releasing a fantastic recording of my work for them that uses samples of clocks from the National Clock and Watch Museum. The work, Dum Spectas Fugio, shares space with some of my favorite composers alive or dead, Whitney George, David Didkovsky, Richard Belcastro, Frank Zappa, Aaron Jay Myers, and Molly Joyce. Look NakedEye's A Series of Undecipherable Glyphs in late July. 

CREATURES: Some Mythical

Jun 14, 2022

Excited to announce a collaboration with collage artist, Dan Zdilla and lighting designer/video artist Andy Babin. I'm expanding on my work for classical guitar and live-processed surround sound, CREATURES: SOME MYTHICAL.

Premiere scheduled for January of 2023 at the Ware Center in Lancaster, PA . More info later...


Jun 14, 2022

NEW WEBSITE! You know how when you ask a composer if they have a website they always say "Oooh, uh, yeah, but I REALLY need to update it." I actually did.

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