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Liquid Fire


For Cello (or viola) with delay, and video

To shake off my winter doldrums, I make a trip back to Alabama each year to engage in some outdoor activities. During my January 2013 trip, I popped out of the woods long enough to spend time with composer Monroe Golden and cellist Craig Hultgren. They took it upon themselves, much to my delight, to educate me about fine scotches and whiskeys. In between the swirling, sniffing and sipping Craig mentioned wanting a piece for electric cello and video. I had been taking short videos of streams in Pennsylvania, with the idea of using the footage in a way that would make water look like fire. "Liquid Fire" refers to the warming qualities of fine scotch and whiskey, as well as my making water into "fire" and having it slowly transform back to water. The music begins agitated and gradually works its way to a state that is more trance-like, but still energetic. The work is written for and "warmly" dedicated to Craig Hultgren. Performance notes: "Liquid Fire" is a piece for electric cello (or acoustic cello with a pick-up) with delay at the dotted eighth note. To achieve echoes at the dotted eighth, the delay time should be set to 312.5ms. The delay should echo several times. The first echo should match or nearly match the initial volume level, with the other echoes getting quieter. Audio cues are notated in the cello part. There are also timings marked to aid rehearsal, but the performer should synchronize with the audio cues. Most of the work has a clear pulse, making this feasible. The fixed-media audio is in stereo. If needed, the performer should use an audio monitor to facilitate synchronizing with the fixed media. If the optional video is used, it may be projected to the side of the performer or projected over or even projected onto the performer. Experimentation with presentation is encouraged. If optional video is used, the audio track of the fixed-media is contained in the video and is the audio to be used.

Duration: 6' 36"
Contact for performance materials

 Rusty Banks © 2012 (BMI)

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